Ovum SWOT on Arbor Spectrum

Security professionals have concerns about zero-day and advanced persistent threats (APTs), and their ability to spot serious attempts to steal sensitive data among all the other noise generated by everyday traffic flowing across their networks. Attackers continue to find new ways of getting past traditional layered security defenses and, despite increases in security spending, breach numbers continue to rise.

The response requirement is twofold.

  1. Security managers need to have better and more accurate information about the threats that are coming their way, including the targeted information needed to prioritize incidents.

  2.  Secondly, accepting that every organization and its systems and networks will at some stage be infected by malware or breached by social-engineering campaigns, more effort needs to be focused on finding the threats as they occur and dealing with the remediation issues before major data losses occur.

Read this Ovum SWOT Analysis of Arbor Spectrum to learn:

  • How leveraging the network can help with advanced threat detection, investigation and remediation.

  • How to integrate threat intelligence in a meaningful way.

  • How Arbor Spectrum can empower your security team to go on offense and hunt for attackers already inside the network.

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