DDoS Prevention Product Test

Download the independent test report from NSS Labs

Are you considering on-premise DDoS protection for your organization?

NSS Labs, the world's leading information security research and advisory company, has published its first DDoS Prevention Test, evaluating for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Arbor Networks APS 2800 Received a "Recommended" Rating

  • Earned the Highest Score for Overall Security Effectiveness

  • Arbor’s Application-Layer Attack Protection Score Was 100%; Average Score was 80%

According to NSS Labs, “Many vendors have entered the DDoS prevention market in recent years, and their solutions should be evaluated carefully. NSS Labs’ test reports are designed to address the challenges faced by IT professionals in selecting and managing security products.”

Download the Full Report Now to understand the key criteria for any DDoS prevention solution and why Arbor was identified by NSS Labs as a Recommended solution.


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