For carriers, hosting and cloud services providers, and enterprises, a fundamental question is how to leverage and protect the openness of the Internet and the business opportunities the Internet presents. Stratecast's position is that a structured worldwide, community-supported approach to threat analysis and response is fundamentally essential. The diversity, morphing velocity and sophistication of emerging threats calls for nothing less than a complete and real-time assessment of all battleground fronts. ATLAS has the carrier and enterprise relationship scale, expertise of ASERT and experience to support such an effort.

Arbor Networks has established services derived from years of practice in traffic collection, threat analysis and prevention.  Arbor is poised to assist carriers and network-dependent enterprises in improving their ability to protect themselves, their business operations and their customers.

In this paper, Stratecast provides an overview of Arbor’s threat analysis system and research process, and details why carriers and enterprises should participate in ATLAS; and, by association, why enterprises should take note of the participating carriers in making their carrier selections.



Defeating Cyber Threats Requires a Wider Net

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